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Authority Network is one of the Largest & Most Powerful Private Blog Networks around.

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Blog post backlinks are the most powerful and effective when it comes to ranking money sites and other Tier 1 URLs. These natural links wrapped around quality content will positively impact SERPs!
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There's no better Video Ranking strategy other than Embedding Videos within High Authority Blog Posts. It's the most legitimate and white-hat way of search engine marketing for videos.
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Imagine paying $$ extra and spending hours checking up on indexing services. With Authority Network DONE-FOR-YOU service, your blog posts will be indexed for instant boost in search engines.
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Our team will gather relevant content related to your keywords, modify, spin and publish across the network. Manual writing process ensures quality and relevance of content to your keywords.
Whitelabel Reports
Get detailed reports containing live blog post URLs in an organized and clean White-label PDF Report. Impress your clients with an awesome report :)
Drip Feed
Drip Feed your campaigns from 7 to 21 days. It's also known as organic link building process, used to ensure safety and compliance with search engine "good-backlinking-practices".
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What is Authority Network?

Authority Network is one of the largest Private Blog Networks on internet with over 1,000 blogs. All unique domains are hosted on C-class IPs with strong metrics and quality content.

How many URLs and Keywords I can use?

You are allowed to use 1 URL and up to 5 Keywords. This will distribute the link juice to different target terms and boost search rankings for each of those.

Do I need to provide blog posts or You will write for me?

We will scrape, modify, spin, and post a unique version of content relevant to your keywords. So do not worry about spending hours and $$ on getting posts written, we will handle all of that.

Can I use foreign keywords?

Yes, for sure. You may use any language for that purpose.

Will I get any campaign reports?

YES! you will receive a nicely formatted PDF White-label Blog Posts report once the work has been completed.

Do you offer Drip Feed option?

Yes, you can drip feed the blog posting campaign from 7 to 21 days.

Can I sell this service to my Clients?

For sure, you can rank your client sites using this service and even slap your own Logo on the links report.

Is it possible to change the URL or Keywords after ordering?

You can only request for minor modifications like URL change or Incorrect Keywords in the order within 12 hours of placing it. After that, we won't be able to entertain any change requests.

Are your blogs in specific Niches and What are the Average Metrics?

All the blogs are generally focus on topics around business, travel, technology, health and sports. So the niche is "General" if we were to name it. The average metrics are: PA/DA of 20+ and CF/TF of 20+

How well does this work with Videos?

In our experience with clients, Videos are the quickest to rank since we embed the videos within posts too.

Do I need to sign up/download/install anything?

No, not at all. Simply follow instructions that you receive in email after placing the order. Reports are sent via email once the drip feed period is over.

What's your refund policy?

For a service of this type, our team spend a great deal of time, energy, and resources to accomplish it. From writing posts to selection of right blogs for posting to formatting the white-label report, there's a lot of manual work involved. Thus, we do NOT offer any Refunds once the order has been placed.

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